16Nov 2015

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada has published its findings on its website.  The commission was established as a component of the settlement agreement regarding the abuses suffered by those that attended Indian Residential School’s in Canada.  The work of the commission involved the following seven goals:  Acknowledge Residential Scholl experiences, impacts and consequences; […]

16Nov 2015

ICBC has posted on their Newsroom site tips to help drivers in the lower mainland stay safe in the winter weather conditions.  Crashes increase significantly between November and January each year and statistically there are 85 car accidents that result in death or injury in the lower mainland each of these months.  Driving too fast […]

09Nov 2015

With the change in weather, accidents with pedestrians increase.  Almost one in five people that are killed in car crashes in BC are pedestrians.  Nearly 75% of accidents involving pedestrians occur at intersections.  On average 2400 pedestrians are injures and 58 are killed in car accidents each year in BC according to ICBC.  Accidents involving […]

05Nov 2015

The ICBC newsroom has today posted and article about the increased incidence of speed related crashes that lead to injury or fatality between November and January.  In these months there is a 50% increase with nearly 250 crashes each month relating to speed.  ICBC highlights that driving too fast for road conditions is a factor […]

29Oct 2015

Rose has been reappointed to the Canadian Bar Association’s Automobile Insurance Committee.  The mandate of this committee is threefold and includes the following:  To concern itself with issues related to auto insurance, the practice of personal injury law and insurance; To identify issues of concern to the Bar in its relationship with ICBC and to […]

27Oct 2015

Welcome to fall! September is one of my favorite times of the year. Return to routine, back to school and the regular rhythms of our lives with a whole year of upcoming seasons and events to look forward to. Spending so many years in school has resulted in my feeling like the year starts in […]

23Oct 2015

This is the time of year where the incidence of pedestrian crashes spikes.  Darker weather, combined with rain and everyone’s seeming habit of wearing dark or black clothing make pedestrians almost impossible to see.  ICBC in a press release yesterday stated that almost two times more pedestrians are injured in crashes from November to January […]

15Oct 2015

A recent study was presented during the 2015 clinical Congress of the American College of Surgeons that concluded, not surprisingly, that there is a direct link between the use of bicycle helmets and the incidence of head injury.  The study was conducted by analyzing data from the US 2012 National Trauma Bank.  The Trauma Bank […]

15Oct 2015

Further to yesterday’s blog post about what to do following a hit and run car accident a decision was given yesterday in Kamloops that was critical of the way ICBC handles hit and run cases.  In that case the plaintiff had contacted ICBC very soon after the hit and run accident and “essentially took the […]