02Nov 2016

The Vancouver Sun reported  an increase in fatal crashes that has followed the legalization of marijuana and should give us pause when considering how to implement legalization in British Columbia and yet keep our roads safe.  Washington State and Colorado were the first to legalize marijuana in 2012.  The statistics regarding fatal accidents since legalization […]

01Nov 2016

Last night on Global BC News a suggestion of tougher penalties for distracted driving was raised, including impounding vehicles.  Global BC gave the following statistics about distracted driving: 1 in 4 deaths on BC roads involve distracted driving distracted driving is the 2nd leading cause of car crashes 81 people killed every year on average […]

31Oct 2016

Happy Halloween!!  Kids are going to be out in full force tonight.  ICBC is asking drivers to slow down, be extra careful and expect the unexpected, particularly on residential roads.   According to ICBC statistics on average 330 people are injured in car crashes across the province on Halloween.  Here are some things for drivers to keep […]

26Oct 2016

Reasons for judgment were given yesterday in the case of White v. Bysterveld.  The case involved the assessment of damages for a woman who had been injured in a December 2011 motor vehicle accident.  The trial judge described the factors that determine the compensation that is awarded for pain and suffering in the following terms: […]

24Oct 2016

Fall is a dangerous time to be a pedestrian.  According to ICBC, pedestrian accidents increase in the fall.  59 pedestrians on average are killed each year and a further 2300 are injured in crashes.  Nearly half of all the fatalities occur between October and January.  This can be due to a variety of reasons including less daylight […]

13Oct 2016

I am an avid cyclist.  I like to ride my bike to work and I like to ride my bike for fun.  When you are on the road though, the potential for a bike accident is high.  That is particularly so with the change in weather.  The rainy, dark days make cyclists particularly hard to see.  […]

06Oct 2016

Reasons for judgment were released yesterday in the case of McKenzie v. Lloyd.  This case involved the claim for damages following injury in four motor vehicle accidents.  A few days after one of the accidents the plaintiff was discovered to have suffered from a stroke.  It is the cause of the stroke which was the […]

03Oct 2016

Legislation came into effect yesterday in Ontario that imposes the same sort of consequences for those driving under the influence of drugs as those driving under the influence of alcohol.   The penalties are similar to what you may know as Roadside Suspensions and include a three day license suspension for a first occurrence of failing a […]

27Sep 2016

This video by the Ontario Government depicts the devastating consequences of distracted driving.  The statistics don’t lie, distracted driving causes crashes.  The Insurance Bureau of Canada today reported that 8 out of 10 collisions, or 80% involve distracted driving. The Bureau also reports that drivers text messaging are 23 times more likely to be involved in a collision.  […]

22Sep 2016

Reasons for judgment were released today in the case of Chappell v. Loyie.  This case involved an assessment of damages for a plaintiff after he was injured when his motorcycle was struck by a left turning vehicle.  The plaintiff did not suffer a serious head injury or any broken bones but the injuries he did […]