21Sep 2016

Global news and Young Drivers of Canada teamed up to see how easy it is to text while you drive.  You can see the results in this video.  The video demonstrates the impact that trying to test while you are driving has on your ability see and respond to obstacles.  Distracted driving is one of […]

19Sep 2016

As noted in previous posts, ICBC is currently applying for a rate increase.  Part of the rationale for that increase has been stated to be the cost of litigation.  I have previously highlighted that much of those costs are controlled by ICBC themselves.  They are an institutional litigant, with deep pockets.  While most of my […]

14Sep 2016

Reasons for judgment were released this week in the case of Symons v. ICBC.  This case involved a claim by the plaintiff for damages that occurred as a result of a motor vehicle accident that had happened on April 20, 2008.  The plaintiff was a 26 year old female at the time of the accident.  […]

14Sep 2016

This great You Tube Video is a great one to show any of your teenage drivers, and really is a great video for us all to watch and understand the potential consequences of that decision to check your phone while your driving. Distracted driving causes car crashes, injuries and changed lives.

12Sep 2016

Distracted driving is dangerous.  It is one of the biggest contributors to accidents, deaths due to car accidents and injuries due to car accidents according to ICBC.  Below are the top 5 misperceptions about distracted driving laws: Using your phone while stuck in traffic or waiting at an intersection is OK – MISPERCEPTION.  The law […]

09Sep 2016

An award of damages for pain and suffering, also called “non-pecuniary” damages, is made to compensate the plaintiff for the loss of enjoyment of life they experience and will continue to experience as a result of the injuries suffered in an accident.  Reasons for judgment were released today in the case of Starchuk v. Hannig, […]

08Sep 2016

Every year in BC 72 kids are injured in crashes in school and playground zones.  With kids returning to school this week, police will be stepping up enforcement of speed limits in school zones.  Here are some tips from ICBC to help drivers keep kids safe: Every school day, unless otherwise posted, a 30 km/h […]

07Sep 2016

Injuries in car accidents can often impact an individual’s ability to work.  A recent British Columbia Supreme Court decision, Salame v. Sutherland explained the process of assessing this loss.  The plaintiff in Salame was injured in a June 1, 2013 motor vehicle accident.  The plaintiff was 52 years old and prior to the accident she […]

06Sep 2016

A judge has declared a mistrial in a motor vehicle accident case in which ICBC denied fault.  The case concerned a collision in which the driver of a vehicle ran into the back of a snowplow.  There were two passengers in the vehicle, both of which brought personal injury claims.  In one of those cases, […]