02Mar 2016

Today I had the honor and privilege to speak at a conference put on by the Trial Lawyers Association of British Columbia directed towards paralegals.  It was a great conference with a great turnout.  It is a real testament to the paralegal professionals that were in attendance today of the priority that they place in doing […]

01Mar 2016

By now you will have heard or seen the advertising being done by ICBC in its anti-fraud campaign.  ICBC rolled out their campaign with their “Hall of Shame” stating that insurance fraud is costing BC Driver’s Hundreds of Millions a Year.  Their advertising campaign has been extensive and has included print, radio and television.  The […]

16Feb 2016

For years ICBC has been using social media such as Facebook and Instagram to investigate claims.  Regardless of privacy settings, ICBC is able to access many accounts and see the private information and photos of individuals claiming compensation for injuries suffered in car accidents.  There have been many court cases where ICBC has sought access […]

10Feb 2016

The BC Human Rights Tribunal dismissed the complaint of a woman who was terminated after the employer found out that she was pregnant.  Normally you would expect that a termination in these circumstances would be contrary to the BC Human Rights Code as the Code protects employees from being treated differently due to pregnancy.  However, in […]

05Jan 2016

Driving on winter roads can be treacherous.  ICBC statistics indicate that speed related crashes resulting in injury or fatality increase significantly during the snowy months which is why ICBC is asking motorists to slow down, increase following distance and allow extra travel time when there is snow or ice on the roads.  ICBC gives the […]

08Dec 2015

With the holiday season upon us, ICBC and the police have teamed up to help stop drinking and driving.  Each year impaired driving causes 86 deaths per year in British Columbia.  ICBC is helping to prevent impaired driving with an education campaign, funding for CounterAttack roadchecks and promotion of designated drivers with businesses, sports facilities and […]

23Nov 2015

The forecast is for wintery weather this week.  Snow and below freezing temperatures can make driving treacherous.  Be prepared by making sure that you have winter tires installed on your car.  When you are out on the road, keep in mind these tips posted on ICBC’s website:  If your car hydroplanes, ease off on the […]

18Nov 2015

Great coverage by Global News of two recent pedestrian accidents that resulted in severe injuries.  Both occurred while the pedestrian was in the cross walk.  This time of year is especially dangerous for pedestrians and even when you are following all the rules, crossing in cross walks, obtaining eye contact  and paying attention, accidents can […]