ICBC Claims

At Rose Keith Law Corporation we are experienced in handling all of the issues that arise after you have been involved in a motor vehicle accident.  From ensuring that all the appropriate notices have been provided to ICBC following the accident and ensuring that the evidence regarding fault is preserved, to making sure that you are getting the benefits that you are entitled to and accessing the care that will make a difference in your recovery.  Contact a lawyer as soon after an accident as possible.  The ICBC adjuster’s job is to settle your claim at the least possible expense to ICBC.  The ICBC adjuster as an employee of ICBC has their best interests in mind, not yours.  The ICBC adjuster has experience dealing with claims which puts you at a disadvantage.  Eliminate that disadvantage by hiring experienced legal counsel to ensure that your interests are represented and taken care of.

Contact Rose for a free initial consultation and learn how you can benefit from her experience in helping those injured in accidents.  Rose will explain how having experienced legal counsel on your side can make a difference not just in the outcome of your claim but also your peace of mind as the claim proceeds knowing that you have someone on your side.  Rose works closely with all of her clients to ensure that all of their losses following an accident are identified and compensated.  Rose has over 20 years experience representing individuals who have been injured in accidents and understands the practical impacts of injury on an individual and their family.  The effects of an injury are not just physical and are not limited to the injured person themselves.  Rose takes into consideration all of the medical, financial, personal and emotional impacts of the accident, all of which contribute to ensuring that you are given fair and full compensation for the injury and losses that you have experienced.

Rose acts for individuals who have been injured in a variety of accidents including motor vehicle accidents throughout British Columbia, motorcycle accidents, bicycle accidents, pedestrian injuries and injury to passengers.  Rose is committed to not only helping her clients navigate the legal issues that come with being in a motor vehicle accident but also helping them deal with the problems that result from suffering an injury, including the difficulties with being off work for an extended period of time and the emotional consequences of dealing with the losses associated with an injury.

At Rose Keith Law Corporation our primary goal is to ease the difficulties that you are facing following being injured in a car accident.  That means we deal with you compassionately and respectfully.  We remove the stress of the litigation process enabling you to focus on recovering from your injuries an dreturning to your life.  Being chosen to represent you is an honor to us and we treat that representation as a partnership.  Through that partnership we are able to assist with your recovery and ensure that your case is resolved on the most favorable terms.  As our client you will have access to all of our network which includes many of the top specialists in British Columbia.  We retain the experts needed on your case to ensure that the full extent of your injury is understood, that your future care requirements are recognized and that your claim is fully explore to ensure that you received full value for your claim.  Our representation is personalized to the needs of our clients because every client, and every case, is uuique.

If you have been injured we are here to help you.  We never work for ICBC or other insurance companies. There are no upfront legal fees.  Our fees are paid when your claim is settled out of the proceeds of your settlement.