Most Dangerous Intersections in Vancouver

Dangerous Intersections

Some intersections are more dangerous than others.  Being aware of which intersections are known to be the most dangerous can help keep you safe.  Below is a list of Vancouver’s most dangerous intersections.  This list is based on information provided by ICBC of the number of total crashes which occur at these intersections on an annual basis:

  • Knight Street and Knight Street Bridge
  • Burrard Street and Burrard Street Bridge
  • East 1st Avenue & East 1st Avenue Offramp
  • Granville Street and West 41st Avenue
  • Main Street and Terminal Avenue
  • Oak Street and West 41st Avenue
  • East 49th Avenue and Knight Street
  • Granville Street and West King Edward Avenue
  • Granville Street and Marpole Avenue
  • Oak Street and 70th Avenue.