20Jun 2016

All of us in Vancouver remember the Stanley Cup rioters of 2011.  It was a horrible evening and one that resulted in a significant amount of property damage.  ICBC, in an effort to recouple the costs incurred due to the actions of the rioters, brought a claim against 82 people that they identified as participating […]

13Jun 2016

Reasons for judgment were released today in the case of Woelders v. Gaudette.  In the decision Madam Justice Balance provides a great explanation for the way in which loss of earning capacity following injury in an event such as a car accident occurs.  She describes the process of assessment as follows: [126]  In advancing a […]

08Jun 2016

  Reasons for judgment in the case of Henry v. BC (Attorney General) were released today.   This case involved the wrongful conviction of the plaintiff following a failure to provide adequate disclosure in his criminal trial.  As a result of the conviction the plaintiff spent 27 years in jail for the sexual assault.  After his […]

02Jun 2016

June is Brain Injury Awareness month.  It is a month to focus on helping the millions of Canadians that have suffered from a brain injury and to bringing awareness to this silent epidemic.  Brain injuries are the number one killer and disabler of people under the age of 44 in Canada.  Males are two times […]

02Jun 2016

Fines for distracted driving jumped today to $543 including the cost of penalty points.  Combine that significant fine with undercover operations to detect distracted drivers as well as new technology hopefully will decrease the incidence of texting and driving and other high risk distracted driving behavior. ICBC reports that on average 81 people die each […]