10May 2016

Starting June 1 distracted driving fines will jump to $543 for first time offences.  For first time offenders there will be a $368 dollar fine and four demerit points which will cost you a further $175 when you pay ICBC the Driver Penalty Point Premium.  A second distracted driving ticket within 12 months will cost […]

09May 2016

Changes to the Province’s distracted driving penalties are expected this week.  The current fine is $167, which is one of the lowest in the country.  Distracted driving is one of the most common causes of car accidents.  Here are some of the statistics: Drivers texting are 23% more likely to be involved in a crash […]

03May 2016

Adrian Dix, the opposition critic for ICBC will be asking the Transportation Minister Todd Stone, why ICBC’s management salaries have increased at the same time as the number of unsettled claims has increased.  Dix points out that the number of ICBC employees earning more than $150,000 has more than tripled since 2006.  In 2006 ICBC had […]

21Apr 2016

Along with the announcement that the government will introduce legislation in the spring of 2017 to legalize marijuana in Canada comes the announcement that a UBC professor has developed a device that can help detect stoned drivers.  Driving impaired, whether it is from the consumption of alcohol or the use of marijuana is dangerous.  The […]

19Apr 2016

Great article on BrainFacts.org explaining what happens when a concussion occurs.  Concussions can occur as a result of a variety of events, including sports related, falls and car accidents.  The effects of a concussion can be devastating and life changing.  Symptoms can be generally grouped into  four types of problems that can result:  Physical problems such as […]

05Apr 2016

A recent British Columbia Supreme Court decision provides an example of how our courts value pain and suffering, or non pecuniary damages.  The assessment involves an analysis of the harm or damage suffered by the individual plaintiff, the impact of that harm or damage on the lifestyle of the plaintiff and an assessment of what […]