04Apr 2016

West Coast LEAF was recently granted intervenor status by the British Columbia Court of Appeal in the case of TWU and Volkenant v. Law Society of BC.  The case concerns the BC governments approval of a proposed law school at Trinity Western University.  TWU is an evangelical Christian university which requires all staff and students […]

30Mar 2016

ICBC and the Vancouver police have teamed up on a new prevention of distracted driving campaign.  Distracted driving really entails anything that diverts your attention from driving but one of the most common distractions is using a phone to text or talk while driving.  If you are doing so it will take you longer to react […]

02Mar 2016

Today I had the honor and privilege to speak at a conference put on by the Trial Lawyers Association of British Columbia directed towards paralegals.  It was a great conference with a great turnout.  It is a real testament to the paralegal professionals that were in attendance today of the priority that they place in doing […]

01Mar 2016

By now you will have heard or seen the advertising being done by ICBC in its anti-fraud campaign.  ICBC rolled out their campaign with their “Hall of Shame” stating that insurance fraud is costing BC Driver’s Hundreds of Millions a Year.  Their advertising campaign has been extensive and has included print, radio and television.  The […]

16Feb 2016

For years ICBC has been using social media such as Facebook and Instagram to investigate claims.  Regardless of privacy settings, ICBC is able to access many accounts and see the private information and photos of individuals claiming compensation for injuries suffered in car accidents.  There have been many court cases where ICBC has sought access […]