02Sep 2015

New laws recently passed in Ontario should work to improve safety of cyclists in that City.  An all too common accident involving cyclists occurs when a motorists opens a car door into the path of a cyclist.  The consequences for the cyclist can be serious injuries.  Cyclist’s have to be road smart and do their […]

01Sep 2015

The insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) will be applying to the BC Utilities Commission by October 30 for a rate hike.  ICBC has attributed the need for more money to an increase in injury claims.  They also suggest that it is due in part to the increased number of fraudulent claims. I have been […]

28Aug 2015

The Fraser Valley Brain Injury Association is hosting a workshop on Concussion in Sports on Friday October 16, 2015.  The latest research into concussions and information for coaches, athletes and parents about safe return to play will be discussed.  To register follow this link: https://gallery.mailchimp.com/f3ced8a134/files/Concussion_in_Sports_Reg_and_Sponsor_Pkg_Oct_2015_Final_01.pdf  

28Aug 2015

Two companies are very close to developing a blood test that could detect a brain injury and measure the damage that it has done.  There are specific proteins that are released into the blood in elevated amounts only after a brain injury and these two companies are in the process of devising and evaluating diagnostic tests […]

27Aug 2015

A recent Canadian study published in the Journal of Psychiatric Research has found links between traumatic brain injury and a history of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder.  The study found that adults with traumatic brain injuries were more tan twice as likely than those without to report symptoms of ADHD.  Researchers say that it is not surprising […]