06Nov 2017

Reasons for judgment were given last week in the case of Morgan v. Allen, a decision which involved the claim of a 53 year old woman for damages following two motor vehicle accidents.  Before the accidents the plaintiff was an active and healthy person, with no significant physical ailments or limitations.  The first accident occurred […]

02Nov 2017

The BC Government has announced that they have selected PwC Canada to lead an operational review of ICBC.  The purpose of the review is to identify waste, find ways to prevent fraud and overbilling, and identify opportunities for business reform at ICBC. The news has been full lately with stories about the dire financial situation […]

30Oct 2017

Today is Halloween Eve.  If you have kids they are no doubt excited about dressing up and trick or treating tomorrow.  Halloween can be a lot of fun for both the young and the young at heart.  Unfortunately though, Halloween is also a time when car crashes increase by 25 percent according to ICBC.  ICBC […]

24Oct 2017

ICBC reports that crashes spike by 25 percent on Halloween, resulting in 330 people being injured in 920 crashes across BC.  To help decrease that spike in accident rates, ICBC has provided the following tips: Tips for Drivers Stay well below the speed limit in residential areas, particularly between 5 and 9 which is the […]

18Oct 2017

Reasons for judgment were released yesterday in the case of Ali v. Padam.  This case involved Ms. Ali’s claim for damages following her injury in a car accident that had occurred almost 6 years prior to the trial.  At the time of the accident Ms. Ali was 37 years old.  ICBC admitted that Ms. Ali […]

14Jul 2017

In British Columbia the rules regarding road usage are laid out in the Motor Vehicle Act.  The Act has a broad variety of provisions and has a number of provisions that relate to cyclists.  The provisions of the Motor Vehicle Act in turn are often used by our Courts to determine who is at fault […]