29Jul 2015

The Fraser Valley Brain Injury Association will be hosting a concussion in sports workshop on Friday October 16, 2015.  The latest research on concussions and safe return to play will be discussed.  More information regarding this workshop and registration can be found at the Fraser Valley Brain Injury Association website, http://www.fvbia.org/.

29Jul 2015

I have previously written about the way that ICBC will use Facebook after a person has been injured in a motor vehicle accident.  Regardless of your privacy settings ICBC will get access to your Facebook account and all the photos, videos and postings on it.  They will then use those postings to disprove injury or […]

24Jul 2015

Current testing for marijuana use is performed by urine or saliva testing.  This testing can identify the past use of marijuana but cannot determine whether marijuana, or the THC found in marijuana, has been ingested recently.  This makes the testing problematic for work places and for testing sobriety of drivers.  A new breathalyser technology is […]

17Jul 2015

The BC Government has launched a safety review of the province’s buses as a result of several major accidents in the last three years.  Those accidents include the recent one near Merrit where a bus slammed into a parked tow truck and car, injuring 38 people.  Last August almost 60 people were injured when a bus […]

16Jul 2015

A great new research study out of UCLA was recently published in the Journal of Neuroscience.  The study was to assist with identification of factors that led to poorer outcome following brain injury, to assist physicians in identifying which patients may need to be more closely identified. The study involved comparing 32 kids between the […]

15Jul 2015

Reasons for judgment were released yesterday  in Dhatt v. Kal Tire Ltd. 2015 BCSC 1177.  In this case the dismissed employee was accused of stealing two items from his employer.  The plaintiff had been caught with property of the employer in the back of his truck.  When asked if he had taken anything else, the plaintiff […]