10Jul 2017

I have written many previous blog posts explaining how our courts value pain and suffering in determining awards to injured plaintiffs.  One of the fundamentals of the award is that the award must be fair and reasonable to both parties.  Our Court of Appeal has listed a variety of factors that are to be taken […]

31May 2017

A lot of companies have progressive discipline policies and if the policy is followed correctly it can provide a justification for termination.  A recent Canada Labour Arbitration highlighted the potential pitfalls of not following the progressive discipline policy and in particular that the failure to do so can turn what may have been a justified […]

24May 2017

A component of any personal injury claim is the claim for non pecuniary damages, or for compensation for the pain, suffering and loss of enjoyment of life experienced by a plaintiff following injury.  Reasons for judgment were released today in the case of Cantwell v. Warren and in this decision, Mr. Justice Macintosh provides a great […]

16May 2017

A recent British Columbia Supreme Court decision, Glimhagen v. GWR Resources Inc. considered the difficult issue of when an individual is an employee versus an independent contractor.  The decision arose because of the without cause termination of the plaintiff.  One of factors taken into consideration in assessing the period of notice due to a terminated employee is the length […]

16May 2017

Reasons for judgment were released yesterday in the decision of Kingston v. Warden.  This case concerned the claim for damages of a 54 year old female plaintiff who was injured in a car accident which occurred four years prior to the trial.  The injuries suffered by the plaintiff in that accident and the impact of those […]

10May 2017

Local police will be conducting two free motor cycle training sessions this month.  The first one is on Saturday May 13 at the Burnaby Lake Rugby Club parking lot.  The purpose of the session is to provide motorcyclists with the skills and confidence that they need to ride safely.  You can get more information about […]