23Nov 2016

The weather is changing and anyone who is a skier is getting excited about hitting the slopes.  But along with skiing comes changing road conditions.  ICBC reports that in BC the average number of crashes in which someone is killed or injured due to driving too fast for road conditions nearly doubles from fall to […]

22Nov 2016

When ICBC wants to increase its rates, it must get approval from the BC Utilities Commission.  The BCUC was appointed in 2003 as the independent regulator for ICBC, with the responsibility to approve rates for Basic Insurance.  Most of us carry both Basic Insurance (the minimums required) as well as Optional Insurance.  ICBC has a […]

18Nov 2016

In many car accident cases, a component of the loss that a plaintiff suffers will be the costs that they will have to pay to fund care that will be necessary in the future due to the injuries that they have suffered in an accident.  Reasons for judgment were released on Monday in the case of […]

07Nov 2016

Sadly this weekend a tragic accident involving a number of cyclists and a car has resulted in the death of a cyclist.  The cyclists were riding as a group on River Road in Richmond, a popular bike route for cyclists.  According to news reports there have been a number of accidents between bikes and cars […]

03Nov 2016

Reasons for judgment were released on Monday in the case of DeWolfe v. Jones.  This case concerned the injury claims of spouses as a result of a car accident.  They had been dealing with an adjuster, who had gone on maternity leave.  When she went on maternity leave, the adjuster told the plaintiffs that although […]